KAYAALParchitects was founded in 2001 by Mr. Serdar Kayaalp who has brought the value of his past experiences to the company for helping the firm’s growth. He worked with the Russian Federation’s leading construction companies and investors on the most prestigious projects to create iconic destinations. The Kayaalp name grew steadily with the portfolio full of selective projects that offering inspiration to solutions on multidisciplinary coordination, urban development, technological and digital change with the cutting-edge architectural approach.

This commitment paid off with the awards 


Khanty-Mansiysk region award, 2004. Portfolio with experience in all design & building lifecycle processes in accordance with the standards and expectations of the global market; the firm is working on some of the most complex and expected projects to create the cities of tomorrow. 


KAYAALParchitect's team consists of well-organized, multi-disciplined industry-leading architects, engineers, designers, and technology professionals who are experienced in large scale projects such as housing developments, shopping malls, business parks, sports venues, and hotels. We design every aspect of truly integrated cities with involving in the execution of project’s all phases regarding design, organisation of construction site and coordinating engineering services


KAYAALParchitects have completed over 200 projects in Turkey, Russia and the other CIS Countries, Litvania, Ukranie, Kazakhstan, Iraq and Libya. Over 7.2 Million Sqm is already built and with our selective approach, we will be adding more value to the capacity for architecture to inspire.


The idea of our design philosophy is tailored to the needs of our client, living environment and the people who live in the destinations we create. We are partner with our clients to pursuit best results, sharing their ambitions, helping them create a lasting legacy through the built environment. Our priorities are meeting expectation of our clients in a manner of high quality, reliability, flexibility of the asset we create